Al Minielly Celebration of Life Tournament

Recently, the Forest Lawn Bowling Club wrapped up their tournament season with the First Annual Al Minielly Celebration of Life Tournament.  Al was an active long time member of the Forest Lawn Bowling Club as well as other organizations in Forest.  It is only fitting his efforts in the community be honoured.

Taking first place in the tournament was Skip Larry Boeck and Lead Paul Naylor(pictured).  Second place went to Skip Ben Minutillo and Lead Seranus Shepherd, with third place going to Skip Betty Minielly and Lead Jim Tasker.  Honourable mention goes to 13 year old Landen who with his team mate John Minielly did very well in their first game and came up tied at the end of their second game.  They lost out in a shootout and placed fourth.  Landen has been coming all summer with his Grandpa Stan.  This shows that Lawn Bowling is a sport for all ages.