Al Minielly Celebration of Life Tournament


Saturday afternoon, 11 September, 2021 the Forest Lawn Bowling Club hosted the Al Minielly Celebration of Life Tournament.  Al was a long time member of the Lawn Bowling club as well as very active in other local groups.  Club President Bill Bentley acknowledged Al’s contribution to the club and the ongoing participation of Betty Minielly for putting the teams together throughout the Lawn Bowling season and her continued hard work within the club.

The weather was ideal for this tournament with Skip Gerry Sanderson and Lead Nancy Boere taking first place honours.  Second place was taken by Skip Jim Snyder and Lead Joanne Murray, with third place going to Skip Malia Gosset and Lead Ken Cates.

After the final game and trophy presentation, bowlers and members were treated to a hamburger BBQ and outdoor picnic.  There is a great deal of fun and exercise over the summer months, lawn bowling and it will continue as long as weather permits.

Pictured (L-R) Gerry Sanderson, Nancy Boere, Joanne Murray, Jim Snyder, Malia Gosset and Ken Cates.